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When I first began taking violin lessons as an adult, I quickly discovered that this was the instrument for me!  I instantly fell in love with the violin’s sound, beauty, and inseparable connection to music history.  After renting the only violin left in the local music store for just two months, I decided that if I wanted to continue learning to play the violin long term, I would have to purchase my own instrument.

Shortly after making this decision, however, my next realization was that I didn’t know a thing about buying a violin!  So I made it my mission to research all I could find about what makes a violin “good”.  From the legendary Stradivarius violins to the freshly varnished smell of a new instrument right out of a modern workshop, my journey took me through the history of violin making, both past and present.

I learned the proper names of all the violin parts, where and how violins are crafted, why certain woods are used, what makes some more costly than others, the differences between the many types of strings, rosins, shoulder rests, chin rests, and the types of violin teaching methods used, among other things.  In fact, I gained such a wealth of knowledge through my quest that after finding the most beautifully crafted and well-sounding violin for myself (which also fit my modest budget!), I began educating local violinists on what I had found and even began importing violins from small overseas workshops to sell in my local area.

After my journey had come to its end, however, I looked back down the path I had taken and it was anything but a linear one.  The means to attain the knowledge about violins is certainly out there, but the information seemed so scattered that I could scarcely retrace the steps that I had taken to gather it.  And since there are not many people that have either the time or the energy to perform such exhaustive research before buying a violin, I created this page to compile the information from the many resources I discovered and to serve as a simple guide to finding that perfect violin for you, your child, your student, or whoever!

There are many aspects as to what makes a violin “good”.  My goal is to identify these basic qualities, using honest and simple language, in order to “demystify” the process of purchasing a violin (either new or used).  By no means do I consider myself an expert in the field and realize that when it comes to violins and instruments in general, there are probably as many opinions out there as stars in the sky.  But if what I learned though my own journey helped me to acquire a new violin (which I truly adore!), then hopefully this guide will help answer some of your questions as you pursue the attainment of your own.

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